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Yoshida sauce has seen success in production and sales, and was selected as one of the Japanese Newsweek’s Most Respected 100 Companies in the World. He currently flies around the world giving lectures and media appearances.

“Even though I was hesitant at the start, I was surprised at the effects after just six weeks. Up to that point, I had tried every kind of hair tonic, and none of them worked at all. I, honestly, only started using Sai Zen because I knew the developer, and even then I was skeptical. But, I followed the directions and washed my hair with the products every day, and wasn’t worried about adverse effects because the product contained only natural ingredients.

After just six weeks, I was surprised that I noticed the amount of hair on my head had increased. Due to these results, I began using the scalp therapy spray as well (hahaha).

After three months, my hair dresser even noticed, and said “Your hair is really growing!” My wife was also happy with the results! It was not difficult to continue using the spray and shampoo each morning, and I’ve scheduled it into my morning routine to continue! I would highly recommend to all of those who suffer from thinning hair."



"I’ve had to deal with thin hair since my early 20’s. I constantly felt my hair becoming thinner and thinner on the back of my head and my forehead. The state of my scalp hasn’t been the greatest, either. I dealt with an oily scalp and different types of eczema. I tried a hair growth product that was purchased in Taiwan, but I discontinued the use of the product, as it didn’t smell good and wasn’t working. I tried using the famous hair tonic Rogain, but I stopped using it when I heard about the side effects. I figured since my father and uncle had thin hair, I had no way of stopping the genetics. Since giving up, I had a friend that recommended SAI ZEN, saying it was “really effective!”. I purchased immediately at the salon, and began to shampoo my hair with it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Overcoming My Genetics

I was asked to check in with the salon to check up on my scalp and to see the amount of sebum that my pores were clogged with. It’s known that a buildup on sebum could be a cause of eczema. With that to blame, the nutrients needed for my hair to grow were not reaching the hair itself, it was being blocked by the buildup! Once I started using the products, I noticed that the eczema on my scalp began to decrease, and my scalp began to feel and look healthier. From the clean pores, we noticed that hair was beginning to grow. Even though it took around six months to get to this healthy state, I’m really glad that I stuck with it and didn’t give up.

Improving Clogged Pores

Since SAI ZEN is a natural shampoo, mainly composed of herbs, I was able to use the products with confidence. I didn’t have to worry about harsh chemical side effects, and in fact, I left the foam on my hair a bit longer than I normally would, to ensure the ingredients penetrated my scalp and hair. After eight months, I began to notice an increase in hair around my forehead and the back of my head. Perhaps it was because the oiliness of my scalp had been eliminated, but I now noticed an increase in volume and fluffy new hairs. I was even able to try out a new hair style! I’ve currently been using the products for a year and a half, and I can definitely see my own hair growing in. I’ve recommended it to my friend in New York, and has since purchased the products on the internet."


From the time I was around 20 years old, I had felt that my hair had increasingly become thinner. Because my mother also suffered from thinning hair, I thought that this was genetic. I knew that I could try changing my diet, increasing my vitamin intake, but it was difficult to continue this regimen every day, indefinitely. One day, I was in a beauty salon getting my hair cut, and I pointed out this problem to my hairdresser. They instantly recommended SAI ZEN. I hadn't really considered taking a countermeasure to my problem, but I thought that it was worth a try!

A Hard Scalp is Lacking in Nutrition

Stress can be a major factor in the health of your scalp. High stress levels can cause closed pores, or tightly stretched blood vessels that restrict the blood flow to your hair, decreasing the amount nutrients that your hair receives. This combination of effects can prevent hair growth. I learned that normally, each pore should have 2-3 hairs growing from it. Clearly, it was not the case on my head, and the stress of losing my hair put me in a vicious cycle. Not only was the stress from losing my hair causing my hair to fall out, I also had the contributing stress of graduate school.

Improving the State of your Scalp Through Continuous Use

After I heard about it, I immediately switched to using Sai Zen as my daily shampoo and conditioner, and used the scalp spray. It was so easy to use, that I've been continuously using the products for one and a half years. My hair always has fluffy volume, and even though it's hard to see the daily changes, when I looked at photos of myself from earlier, I was surprised to clearly see a difference! I also like the smell of the shampoo. Since all of the products are using natural ingredients, I can use all of them with confidence, not fearing any side effects. My scalp has also softened, which is obvious when we check them on the monitor. They've returned to their natural state, and are continuously growing hairs. I think it was good luck that I didn't give up! Of course, it wasn't an instant cure that grew hair, but with time and patience, my scalp's state was greatly improved. It might be somewhat time consuming, but you can definitely see the effects. I think everyone suffering from hair loss should try it."

"Ever since I entered my 40’s, I felt that my hair has become thinner. I felt a growing impatience that unless I somehow prevented it, I was going to lose all of my hair. Once you start to wonder about that, you start to try all sorts of remedies. I was about to try several hair tonics, and wasn’t sure how to choose one. I constantly thought it would all be a waste of money, especially since you didn’t know the effects they would have! By searching the internet, I came across the natural scalp shampoo “Sai Zen.”

I because increasingly interested as I started reading about their customer’s experiences. Next time that I went into the salon, I immediately asked to have my scalp checked. In my case, there was only one hair growing from each pore that was supposed to have 2. But, because my pores were not yet closed all the way, there was room for improvement, so I decided to start the treatment.

False home care information

After some counseling, I realized that there were many reasons I had clogged pores on my scalp. One of those reasons was poor nutrition. I also read on the internet that shampooing your hair daily was not good for your hair, and in fact caused an excess of oil. So, I had reduced my hair washing to 2 to 3 times per week. This had the opposite effect, and was actually contributing to my clogged pores! My good intentions had backfired, so I turned to the regimen provided by the “Sai Zen” system. I started shampooing, massaging, and using the scalp spray on my hair every night. Even though I was skeptical at first, the results have been clear.

Improving clogged pores

After improving my clogged pores for one month, small, downy hair began to grow. At first, I hadn’t noticed a change in my appearance, since the new hairs were so fine and soft, but by the time 2 to 3 months had passed, I could visibly see the improvement. It was this sight that suddenly increased my energy towards the program. I could even notice a significant difference when I touched my hair, I was extremely pleased. By the time seven months had passed, I was no longer worried about the thinning of my frontal and occipital region of my hairline. It’s now been one year and four months since I started using “Sai Zen”, and I’ve really noticed an improvement at the place where I naturally part my hair. When I styled my hair before, it used to become flat and stringy, but now any style is possible! The increased volume in my hair lets me achieve any style with confidence. I look and seem younger! I highly recommend the “Sai Zen” system to anyone who suffers from thinning hair, like I used to.








"The increased volume in my hair lets me achieve any style with confidence. I look and seem younger! I highly recommend the “Sai Zen” system to anyone who suffers from thinning hair, like I used to."

Ms. K

“Even though I was hesitant at the start, I was surprised at the effects after just six weeks. Up to that point, I had tried every kind of hair tonic, and none of them worked at all.”

Mr. Y 


“My wife was saying that it didn’t change much in the beginning, but now she’s so surprised at how much of my hair has grown back! We’re both very happy.””

Mr. I

“I was hiding my baldness by combing over my hair, and would become concerned if there was ever a strong gust of wind to knock it out of place, but that is no longer a concern for me! Along with my growing hair comes a rise in self-confidence. I look in the mirror every day, and get excited about what I see.”

-Mr. N, 59 yrs.


“Not only have I suffered from thinning hair, but also rough skin and itching on my scalp. I’ve tried several different hair tonics and shampoos, and most of them would cause strong irritation due to their chemical composition. I was never able to find a product that was effective and geared towards sensitive skin. I have proven results, and can confidently go out into the world without hair extensions or wigs. I’ve regained healthy hair that was lost for the past 12 years. These are products that I can sincerely recommend “


“I found my hair getting thicker in only 2 weeks! My hair noticeably thickened within the first month. I’m very happy with my current hair, and am able to style it like I did when I was younger!”

-Mr. I, 50 yrs.

“In this brief period of time, I have noticed that my hair is growing back more thick and less brittle.”

-Ms. N, 50 yrs.

"I have been using this product for about 2 months now and I have already seen visible improvement already! I am actually very excited and surprised at the improvement just from a shampoo and revitalizer spray.

During the last two months, I washed twice with the shampoo and sprayed twice and then used the spray each morning and evening, complete with a 3 minute scalp massage. I have been noticing that my hair looked fuller and thicker than it had been in the last 5 years. I was a bit skeptical before I began this treatment with the system but I am slowly being convinced! This product has been helping my hair grow in stronger and denser.


I also noticed less hair in the drain after a shower and in my comb within days after using the whole system. It used to be that when I run my hands through my hair every morning, about 10 hairs would come out with every pass. Even worse, I had a huge mass of hair in the drain following every shower. I was getting thin patches along the hair line and I was getting depressed!

Now there are also tiny hairs growing back in along the hair line.

I LOVE this product and I am so glad I found it!"

-Mr. K