How To Use – Sai Zen, International

How To Use

Step 1 : Rinse hair thoroughly
Step 2 : Place some SAI ZEN Advanced Thickening Shampoo in your palm, and rub together.
Step 3 : Massage into scalp and hair
Step 4 : Rinse, apply shampoo a second time
Step 5 : Place lather on all parts of your hair, and massage into scalp for 3 to 5 minutes*
*lather makes existing hair stronger and thicker, leave on longer for better results
Step 6 : Rinse
Step 7 : Apply SAI ZEN Advanced Thickening Conditioner to all parts of your hair, from scalp to the tips of hairs.
Step 8 : Massage into scalp for 3 minutes
Step 9 : Rinse out the Conditioner
Step 10 : Towel dry; apply Sai Zen Scalp Therapy directly to your scalp, and massage for 3 minutes.*
*Spray the Scalp Therapy Spray twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.
Step 11 :Blow Dry
Step 12: If desired, style hair with a quarter-sized dollop of SAI ZEN STYLING WAX