FAQs – Sai Zen, International



  1. Should I use the shampoo daily?

Yes, please shampoo every day.

  1. Why must I dry my hair daily?

By leaving your hair wet for long periods of time (such as sleeping), you increase the occurrence of bacteria and could be the cause of your hair loss. Please make sure to thoroughly dry your hair and scalp. If you desire increased volume, make sure to dry from the roots, outward.

  1. How often do I massage my scalp?

After applying shampoo, please massage your scalp for about three minutes. Leave the lather on your head as you proceed with the rest of your shower. You can even wash your face or body! The longer the shampoo is on your head, the faster results will be produced.

  1. Can I use on children?

Yes. Because we use natural materials, men, women, pregnant women, and even children can use our products.

  1. I use Propecia, can I use it in combination with Sai Zen?

Yes. When used in combination, Sai Zen can increase the effects of Propecia. This is because scalp health is the foundation of healthy hair.

  1. I have used the product for one week, but there is still hair loss. Does it not work on my skin?

People with particularly bad hair loss have pores which are tightly closed, and nutrients have a hard time getting into their skin. Once space has returned around the hair (the healthy state that using Sai Zen can return your scalp to), the nutrients can strengthen the hair that exists. The skin that has already experienced hair loss has tightened pores that can be loosened by continuous use of the Sai Zen products in conjunction with massaging, producing new hair that can grow.

  1. After Chemotherapy, I was told that my hair will fall out. Will Sai Zen have any effect on my hair?

Yes. Please use Sai Zen before the treatment as well as after Chemotherapy to increase the speed in which your hair grows back.

  1. What kind of massage am I doing?

The massage that you perform should apply a small amount of force onto your skull and scalp, and should move your scalp as you move your fingers.

  1. I go to the gym, and wash my hair more than once a day. Should I use the Sai Zen shampoo every time?

Yes. Please use the Sai Zen shampoo every time you shampoo your hair.

  1. After I use the Scalp Therapy Spray, I feel my hair harden. Is that supposed to happen?

No, please make sure to dry your hair after applying the spray.