Testimonials by Mr.YOSHIDA (Chairman of Yoshida Sauces) “The effect of – Sai Zen, International

Testimonials by Mr.YOSHIDA (Chairman of Yoshida Sauces) “The effect of Scalp Shampoo SAI ZEN was very surprising! "

“The effect of Scalp Shampoo SAI ZEN was very surprising! "

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YOSHIDA SAUCE has seen success in production and sales, and was selected as one of the Japanese Newsweek’s Most Respected 100 Companies in the World. Mr. Junki Yoshida, he currently flies around the world giving lectures and media appearances.

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“Even though I was hesitant at the start, I was surprised at the effects after just six weeks. Up to that point, I had tried every kind of hair tonic, and none of them worked at all. I, honestly, only started using Sai Zen because I knew the developer, and even then I was skeptical. But, I followed the directions and washed my hair with the products every day, and wasn’t worried about adverse effects because the product contained only natural ingredients.

After just six weeks, I was surprised that I noticed the amount of hair on my head had increased. Due to these results, I began using the scalp therapy spray as well (hahaha).

After three months, my hairdresser even noticed, and said “Your hair is really growing!” My wife was also happy with the results! It was not difficult to continue using the spray and shampoo each morning, and I’ve scheduled it into my morning routine to continue! I would highly recommend it to all of those who suffer from thinning hair.

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