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"It worked! " Testimonials by Mr. J

I was concerned that my hair had been thinning since my early twenties, and that the back and front of my head were becoming thinner. I was also concerned that my scalp was always oily but my hair was dry, and that I had eczema-like rashes on my scalp all the time, which was not good.

I tried a scalp massage with a hair growth product I bought in Taiwan, but the smell was too strong and the feeling was not good, so I stopped using it halfway through. I tried using the famous hair tonic Rogaine, but I stopped using it when I heard about the side effects.

After all, my father and uncle both had thinning hair, so I had half given up on the idea that it was inevitable because of heredity. Then, a friend of mine who was also suffering from thinning hair recommended "Sai Zen" to me, saying, "It worked! " I immediately went to a salon to buy it and started using the shampoo twice a day, morning and night.

Testimonials by Mr. J

Overcoming My Genetics

The salon checked my scalp and found that my pores were clogged with oil. The salon told me that my scalp was clogged with oil and that this was the cause of the eczema on my scalp. I think this is why I was not receiving the nutrients I needed to grow my hair. Immediately after I started using the product, my scalp temporarily developed an acne-like eczema, which worried me, but I found out that it was a process of releasing oil that had been stuck deep in my pores. Once all the oil was removed, the eczema cleared up and my scalp became healthy. New hair began to grow from the cleaned pores. It took me about 6 months to get to this point, but I am so glad I didn't give up.


Clogged pores improved

Sai Zen is a natural shampoo with herbs as its main ingredient, so I could use it without any worries. Unlike other products, I don't have to worry about the side effects of chemicals. So after massaging my scalp and shampooing, I leave the foam on my scalp for a few minutes to allow the ingredients to reach my scalp and pores.

After eight months, people around me began to tell me that my hair had increased, and I could see changes in the thinning hair on the front and back of my head, which had been bothering me. Perhaps because the greasiness of my scalp has been eliminated, my hair does not feel sticky and has more volume.

Thanks to this, I am now able to try different hairstyles. I have been using it for a year and a half now, and my hair continues to grow. I was so impressed with the results. And I sent Sai Zen to a friend in New York who was suffering from the same problem. He also liked it so much, and he now buys it on the Sai Zen Online shop.


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