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I want to see my Mother’s Smile! - The Sai Zen Story, Part 2 -

If you missed part 1, read it here.

One evening, my mother realized she had forgotten to buy milk and went to the market across the street. At that time, She had just taken a shower, had no makeup on, and was only in her pajamas, but she still put on her wig before going out. When I saw her like that, I was greatly shocked.

Even if it's just a one-minute walk or without makeup, or in pajamas, she still wanted to maintain her hair for pride as a woman. Thinking about the innermost feelings of my mother who couldn't leave her wig when going out made me feel very sad, and at the same time, a determination grew in my heart.

"I want to do something to increase my mother's hair!"

It's been over 10 years since she wore a wig, so I thought there might be a better product out there, so I did some research and tried using various hair restoration shampoos. However, none of them were effective. One day, the hair growth shampoo that she had been using for a long time was discontinued. My mother's hair is getting thinner and thinner, and the hair of customers who used the same hair restoration shampoo is getting thinner and thinner.

I was so troubled that I decided to create my own natural hair-growing shampoo. After caring for clients with hair loss and thinning for over ten years, I learned that there are various causes of hair loss. I realized that it would be impossible to create a shampoo that is effective for all the causes of hair loss.

I thought that by studying herbs and using plenty of herbs that are expected to be effective for each cause, I could create a shampoo that anyone suffering from hair loss due to any cause could use, and solve the concerns of many people.

Stay tuned for Part 3 for the continued story!

I want to see my Mother’s Smile!

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Saizen is a herb-rich hair care brand developed by a hair stylist for her mother who was suffering from thinning hair. I would like to share the secret story of Sai Zen's birth, which helped the mother's hair grow enough to remove the wig she had been wearing for over 10 years!

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