Happy Valentine's Day! Are you in love? - Special Gift Package 2023 - – Sai Zen, International

Happy Valentine's Day! Are you in love? - Special Gift Package 2023 -

Did you know that falling in love can increase or decrease your hair?
Love has the power to make people happy and excited. The human mind and body are connected.

Have you ever heard of hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is a therapy that uses an altered state of consciousness called "hypnosis" to work on the subconscious mind to reduce or eliminate psychogenic problems.

It is very well known that hypnotherapy can help people quit smoking, improve obesity, and eliminate interpersonal phobias.

Hypnotherapist Richard Garnier is an amazing French hypnotherapist who can help you quit smoking in just one session. He can change your body's malfunctions and behaviors by working with your mind.

Richard is my customer at my hair salon. He says he can use hypnotherapy to cure illnesses and bring about changes in the body. And he invented the world-patented machine that works on the mind to enlarge the breasts without a hypnotherapist like him.

When I heard that, I remembered that I had many customers at my hair salon who enlarged their breasts naturally and changed the size of the bra from A cup to C cup when they fell in love big time. When you fall in love, your hormones are activated, your breasts grow bigger, your skin becomes smoother, you become younger, and many other wonderful changes occur in your body. My doctor's clients also told me that when he sees his patients, he can immediately tell if their marital relationship is going well or not. I was impressed that he could tell the level of happiness and whether they were in love or not by looking.

The other day, while cutting Richard's hair, we talked about hair growth. Richard is one of my customers who use Sai Zen shampoo and scalp therapy spray. I asked him if he could use hypnotherapy to grow his patients’ hair thicker and fuller since he could make his patients’ breasts bigger. Richard replied that he could use hypnotherapy to restore hair. I was happy to hear that. Since the mind and body are connected, I was thrilled to hear that it is possible to help hair growth with the way their mind is, the way they manage stress and the actions and thoughts toward their mind.

It is well known that stress causes hair loss and graying. Then, will you actively love someone if you will have a hair growth effect by falling in love? If your current loved one has thin hair, how about giving him/her a surprise on Valentine's Day? Let’s create a surprise to make your loved one love you more and fall in love with you to help his/her hair grow. The hair thickening effect of Sai Zen Shampoo and the action of love that works on his/her mind may improve the hair growth effect.

By the way, the pressure point on the head that works on hormones is at the center of the hairline. By washing Sai Zen while massaging this pressure point, hormones are activated and hair loss caused by stress and hormones may be improved. Try massaging your scalp by moving your scalp. It also has a rejuvenating effect, so please try it every day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Special Gift Package 2023

Valentine's Day Special Gift Package 2023

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- Anti-Aging Volume Conditioner: $70
- Volume Plus Scalp Therapy Spray: $60

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